Make money selling JavaScript Packages

For Package Developers

PremiumJS allows you to sell code you've written.

Anything that can be packaged as a JavaScript module can be sold on PremiumJS.

It plays nicely with your existing npm toolchain—so publishing is as easy as npm publish.

Use Cases

Anything that can be packaged as a JavaScript module can be sold on PremiumJS.

Here are a couple things that you might consider:

  • UI Kits (React, Vue, etc)

  • Boilerplates & Starter Kits

  • Enterprise frameworks

  • ... and more!

What's in it FOR ME?

PremiumJS allows you to focus on what you do best—ship awesome JavaScript.

Here's what PremiumJS takes care of so you can do that:

  • Collecting payments

  • Landing page where your customers can purchase

  • Versioned distribution via npm cli

  • Authorization so only your customers get access

  • Skip manual steps like emailing access keys

Easy Install.
Easy Upgrade.

It's easy for your customers to download packages you've purchased.

Once authenticated via npm login, just npm install your-paid-package and you're all set.

Want to get an upgrade? npm upgrade works too.

How It Works

At its core, PremiumJS is a npm-compatible package registry.

Package developers publish packages to the PremiumJS registry using npm publish.

Published packages can be purchased via the PremiumJS website, and downloaded via npm (npm install @your-namespace/package-name).

When a new version of a purchased package is published to the PremiumJS registry, purchasers get upgrades automatically by running npm upgrade.

Package developers keep up to 95% of the sale price.

Get Notified

We're still developing our beta version.

Sign up and we'll let you know when it's ready.

Still need more info. See our FAQs.

This list is just for beta access to PremiumJS. Once it's released, the list will be destroyed.

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Does this replace npm?

No, there'll always be a place for public registries of open source packages. PremiumJS is a registry for paid packages.

Is this an npm mirror?

Nope. PremiumJS implements the npm-registry API but doesn't mirror their registry. A project can rely on packages from npm and PremiumJS's registry.

What about Open Source?

There's nothing stoping you from keeping your code open source and charging for it on PremiumJS (although it might impact your sales).
Not all OSS licenses are compatible with software-for-sale, however.

Is this a private registry?

Not really. The listing for packages published on PremiumJS are publicly discoverable—but only those who have purchased the package are able to download and receive upgrades.
If you need a private registry for your organization, we suggest taking a look at npm's products.

What if I want to publish my package publicly?

We suggest publishing on npm.

What happens if I publish something ... and PremiumJS goes away?

That'd be really unfortunate, but if it happens we'd make sure we kept the servers running so that there was ample time to migrate your customers onto another platform (12-18 months). We'd also consider open-sourcing our tools so you could get a jump-start if another platform wasn't available.

When will it be ready?

We don't have a date yet, but you can sign up to receive updates to keep up with our development progress.

Who's behind PremiumJS?

PremiumJS is proudly made by Spencer Jones.

I have another question...

Shoot us an email at and we'd love to answer any questions.